03 July 2022

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Weaverbrook Circular Tank Scrapers : Conventional Scum Removal System

Scum can vary considerably in nature and in quantity from minimal to heavy and from light, greasy and easy flowing to an almost rigid foam.

The conventional designs of scum removal device can be broadly categorized into 2 mechanical types. The selection of design type and size capacity should be carefully matched to the nature of the anticipated scum.

Ramped Scum Box
The Ramped Scum Box in its simplest form is a box, curved inboard and outboard and fitted against the scumboard, often fitted with a mechanical auto-flushing device to assist flushing the scum out of the scum box. The mechanical auto-flushing device is operated by a striker skid attached to the underside of the bridge which causes the valve to open as the scum blade approaches and allows it to close after the blade has passed. The scum box is hopper bottomed to an outlet pipe. A raked section of the scum blade can be designed to allow blade passage directly over the ramps of the scum box.

Suitable for Medium Duty applications

Semi-Rotary Tube
This is typically a 200NB tube mounted horizontally in bearings on the TWL and actuated by a striker skid mounted onto the underside of the bridge which will strike counterbalance arms causing the tube to rotate by turn on its axis at the approach of the scum blade. This will allow top water plus scum to enter the rotating tube by the immersion of the intake slots and discharge through a rotary joint to the scum outfall.

Suitable for light duty application.
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