03 July 2022

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Weaverbrook Circular Tank Scraper : Baffles

Peripheral Baffles are occasionally encountered in Sewage Treatment Tanks and their purpose is to deflect rising liquid density currents (containing unsettled particles) away from the weir, so producing a cleaner effluent. These so called “density currents” which cause poor overflow clarity are generated by the downward flow of liquid at the feedwell together with temperature differentials and tank hydraulics. Hydraulic flow within the tank tends to spiral, centre to outside, and these currents contribute to moving solids towards the weirs. Baffles impede the current and divert the flow back towards the centre.

There are two principle types of Baffles :

  1. Inclined Baffles (referred to as Stamford Baffles)
  2. Horizontal Baffles (referred to as Mckinney Baffles)

Baffle size varies as a function of tank diameter, depth and configuration ranging from 600mm wide to 1700mm wide.

Baffle position varies between 300mm to 600mm below the weir.

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