03 July 2022

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Weaverbrook DAF System Skimmers

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) is an alternative to gravity settlement, with a smaller plant footprint it finds applications in potable water treatment, industrial processes notably oil-water separation, and occasionally in sewage treatment.
Essentially the process consists of passing a pre-treated chemically dosed liquid through a rectangular tank to which a recycled stream of the liquid, with dissolved air, is added through a pressure reducing device. The lowering of pressure causes the formation of microscopic air bubbles within the liquid (the so called “white water”), which rises to the surface, carrying any suspended solids with them, to form a relatively stable scum on the top of the liquid, often in the form of a mousse.
The recycled liquid is a small percentage of the total flow and is pumped into a saturator vessel along with compressed air, so that the air dissolves in the water. This is the liquid which is then injected as the “white water”.
The DAF process results in the suspended solids assembling on the surface in the form of scum. The method to remove this scum is via a chain and flight skimmer, the flights being manufactured from either aluminium, stainless steel, or GRP to suit customer applications. The Weaverbrook range of surface skimmers are custom built to suit individual customer applications.

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