03 July 2022

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Rotary Distributors: Sizing

Flowrates & Wetting Rates

The Aspinall range of rotary distributors are sized to comply with standard influent pipe sizes from 200NB to 1000NB. The corresponding operating range of flow rates are given below :

Influent Pipe Size Flow Rate Range
200NB Upto 42 l/s
250NB 42-64 l/s
300NB 64-94 l/s
350NB 94-113 l/s
400NB 113-148 l/s
450NB 148-180 l/s
500NB 180 233 l/s
600NB 233-349 l/s
700NB 349-450 l/s
800NB 450-618 l/s
900NB 618-780 l/s
1000NB 780-1050 l/s
The above flow rates deliver controlled velocity of effluent water into the distributor chamber. This is critical to ensure the onward passage of effluent water through the distributor chamber into the arms is performed in a stable condition.
Wetting Rate
The wetting rate is the depth of water effluent distributed onto the media during one rotational passage and is expressed in units of mm/pass. The wetting rate is a function of flowrate, rotational speed, filter bed area and number of distributor arms. Therefore if the required wetting rate is known together with known flowrate, it can then be calculated to determine required filter bed diameter, rotational speed and number of arms.

Filter bed diameters are sized to suit known flowrates and wetting rates. Aspinall can supply rotary distributor equipment to suit any diameter of filter bed within the range of 3m to 35m diameter.

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