03 July 2022

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Copper Foil Products

Ever since the concept of printed circuits gained credibility following WW2 they have undergone significant evolution in order to satisfy the enormous appetite and relentless refinement to the specifications of the expanding electronics industry. It seems strange today that less than 60 years ago our world was able to function at all in the pre-electronics era. Nowadays, this technology has become critical to almost every aspect of our lives, from the exotics of space travel to the games our kids love to play, from routine business management tools and industrial techniques to day-to-day medical practices, from wrist watches and phones to automobiles and aeroplanes.
Printed circuits provide stable, quantifiable, links between pre-disposed electronic components along which electrical currents can pass. These ‘links’ are actually formed from electrodeposited copper foil that is laminated to a non-conductive substrate and then engineered to provide the tracks between the component locations.

Electrodeposited copper foil is manufactured in a three stage process :-

  1. electroforming of base foil material from an acid electrolyte,
  2. surface treatment of the foil
  3. slitting of final product to accommodate customer specifications.

Aspinalls offer clients a full range of services associated with the manufacture of electrodeposited copper foil, tailored to their individual needs including design and project management, fully turn-key production plants, individual items of production equipment, process consultancy, raw material supply, etc.

Who are we?

T.P. Aspinall & Sons Limited is a customer focused, innovative, solutions-driven, engineering company which designs, manufactures and installs specialised, be-spoke fabrications, providing both products and services that fully conform to the requirements of our customers and appropriate national and/or international standards.

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