03 July 2022

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Rotary Distributors

The Aspinall range of rotary distributors perform the function of effective effluent distribution onto trickling or percolating filter beds of three distinctive categories of media type : High rate Filters; Secondary Treatment Filters; Tertiary Nitrifying Filters.

The Aspinall range of rotary distributors are available in 2, 4 or 6 arm configurations. The arms are typically open trough design with V shape or U shape notched weir plates designed to distribute a even curtain of water onto the surface area of the filter bed.

Rotational drive to the distributors is effected by either :

  1. Hydraulic reaction drive
  2. Hydraulic paddlewheel drive (for low flow rates)
  3. Electric motorised drive

With both hydraulic drive systems the speed of rotation is dependant on effluent water flow rate which means the operator cannot manage effective control of distributor rotational speed. The electric motorised drive provides controlled rotational speed regardless of the effluent water flow rate, this allows the operator to control the dousing rate for either flushing, seeding or wetting requirements.

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