03 July 2022

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Aspinalls' latest design of copper foil electrodepositioning machine is a comprehensive, symbiotic arrangement of technologically advanced facilities offering our customers a reliable, consistent and enduring production unit operating to the principles first described by the likes of Faraday and Edison decades ago.

These facilities include a rotating drum cathode, (with a drive control system allowing management of the drum speed to better than +/-0.5%), which is maintained at a close tolerance gap to a pair of submerged curved anodes. The condition of the cathode plating surface is maintained by applying an automatically controlled polishing brush between production runs. A commutator contact system allows the plating current to flow from a rigid busbar system to the rotating cathode at minimal voltage drop. An internal electrolyte distribution system, fixed between the anodes at the base of the machine, ensures a consistent and controlled supply of plating liquor throughout the cell. As the drum rotates into the electrolyte filled anode-cathode gap, copper is deposited on its surface. As it emerges from the electrolyte, the deposit is washed and squeegeed before being peeled from the cathode surface as a continuous foil product. An integrated rewind system, with control software linked to the drum drive, allows the foil to be accumulated in roll form on an insulated mandrel at a controlled tension throughout its manufacture.

At a consistent plating current, the mean thickness of the deposit is a function of the speed of the drum cathode rotation, which can be controlled to consistently produce foils with a nominal thickness at a set point of 10mm to 175mm.

Aspinallsí electrodepositioning machines are routinely operated at currents exceeding 45000 amps and many have been in almost continuous service for more than 10 years.

Who are we?

T.P. Aspinall & Sons Limited is a customer focused, innovative, solutions-driven, engineering company which designs, manufactures and installs specialised, be-spoke fabrications, providing both products and services that fully conform to the requirements of our customers and appropriate national and/or international standards.

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