03 July 2022

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Treater Machine

Aspinalls' latest design of copper foil treater machine is the result of many years of collaborative research and development with our USA partner Yates Foil USA Inc. to produce a new generation of copper foil treater machine equipped with the latest technologies of control and automation.
The treater machine provides facilities to amend the surface characteristics of the foil product produced by an electrodepositioning machine to enhance its shelf-life, improve its capacity to bond with thermal setting substrate materials and better compliment end-user processing, as it is passed through an additive process sequence including …

  • Micro-roughening, (dendritic and gilding deposits)
  • Barrier layer
  • Stainproofing
  • Chemical adhesion promoter

Each surface treater machine includes unwind, rewind, rinse - wash and drying stations and a drive control system which maintains web tension throughout the process.

Aspinalls’ copper foil treater machine incorporates many enhanced features to provide the modern copper foil manufacturer with an efficient, cost effective production unit that will consistently process foils of thicknesses ranging from 12mm to 175mm and at line speeds up to 25m/min.

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T.P. Aspinall & Sons Limited is a customer focused, innovative, solutions-driven, engineering company which designs, manufactures and installs specialised, be-spoke fabrications, providing both products and services that fully conform to the requirements of our customers and appropriate national and/or international standards.

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