03 July 2022

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The electrolyte solution supplied to the electrodepositioning machine is pre-conditioned by specially designed activated carbon filters. Aspinalls produce two ranges of filter equipment for the cleaning of electrolyte solution :

Vertical bag filter
The electrolyte is continuously pumped into the base of a pressure vessel that houses a series of radially mounted, vertical filter bags. Each bag has a centrally located neck at itís top which is inserted in a manifold that collects the filtrate. The bag is constructed with internal ribs that maintain an unrestricted flow of filtrate towards the neck at all times. The bag itself has two layers of differing materials, (an inner which has been woven to provide better than 5 x 10-6 m filtration performance, and an outer layer which has been specifically produced to encourage retention of the accumulating, in-service, filter cake). For cleaning the filter is taken out of service and the cake discharged through an outlet in the base of the vessel.
Pressure leaf filters
New to market. Information to be released.

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